Premier Raw Cafe - The Premier Difference

Our Premier Promise

Premier Raw Cafe offers exactly what you’ve been looking for – great-tasting, raw-crafted food – without those toxic tagalongs!

  • Delicious meals of uncompromising quality made fresh daily on site
  • No refined white flour, white sugar or white rice
  • No artificial flavorings, sweeteners, preservatives or other "junk"
  • No MSG (monosodium glutamate, a known neurotoxin) or other toxic food chemicals – so common in most restaurant meals!

Why Raw?

Did you know that man is the only animal on earth that cooks his food? Yes, given the choice, all other animals instinctually eat foods only in their natural raw state as given by Nature. Just the act of cooking can degrade up to 85% or more of the nutritional content of a food. Equally worse, heating food over 112° F also kills the living enzymes of foods – the very enzymes that you need to help keep yourself feeling alive and energetic!

Eating a diet of predominantly live foods can mean a quantum shift in how you look and feel. So join the raw food lifestyle and enjoy life to the max! A regular diet of premier quality, living whole foods can go a long way to help you keep that bounce in your step, the sparkle of youth and your wits sharp. Now that’s a good deal!

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Are all your menu items gluten-free?

We use flaxseed, nut flours, fruits and vegetables in our raw bread options.

Are all your menu items dairy-free?

Yes, except for our dairy items are made with nuts.

Do you use all organic food in your menu?

When available, we use the finest organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds that we can find.

Are all of your menu items suitable for vegans and vegetarian?

Our menu is entirely vegan with the exception of the locally grown bison burger entree .


Our Menu is available for take-out, packaged in eco-friendly containers. (We even compost our food scraps!)